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Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Explore ChatGPT for Free | Quick Start Guide for Librarians and Researchers

How to play with ChatGPT for free when you are afraid to ask

Here is a step-by-step guide designed specifically for our librarians and researchers who are curious and would like to play.

Have Fun, and don't pay for ChatGPT Training when free!

  • Navigating the OpenAI Landscape: 
    • Creating an Account
    • Visit and create your account today!
    •  Remember to confirm your email for a seamless experience.

Show Me A Video Please

  • The OpenAI Playground
    • After you make your account head over to OpenAI Playground.
    • Sign in with your OpenAI account and select your AI model - ChatGPT, for instance.

Show Me Video Please

Unraveling the Mysteries of ChatGPT:

Generating Responses with ChatGPT

Once you are on, you can explore ChatGPT.

            If you need help with what to ask, you can use some of ours from our quick start prompt guide.


            Or find prompts on some websites we reviewed.


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