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Thursday, April 20, 2023

: GPTGO.AI | Google-Powered Search with ChatGPT Summaries

Web Review: 

Google-powered search with ChatGPT summaries next to results.

Features and Functionality

Fast results for web and image results and use search engine style searches.

Benefits and Potential Use Cases

I found it handy to figure out why I am not getting the right results when searching outside my domain and when I need help finding what I want in Google.

To produce the desired results, I figured out what terms have the correct definition in the ChatGPT summary.

Drawbacks and Limitations

I suggest looking at the TOS

I do not expect information entered into any website to be private.

If privacy matters to you, read the TOS. 

Conclusion and Recommendations

Worth bookmarking for things you do not know about or if you want to try to fix your query in another engine.

Friday, April 14, 2023

Get Cited Summaries to Research Questions Anytime with Consensus.App


At writing, the site is in Beta.

Ask natural language questions, and get cites summaries to research questions.


It is well worth reading their about-us page.

Features and Functionality

A neat idea called Guardrails:

And a neat explanation of limitations:

The site has a consensus meter, a novel altimetric! 

  • Deep reach in considerable academic fields.
  • A simple search box with no advanced search but a well-balanced intuitive engine.
  • You can share your findings.

Benefits and Potential Use Cases

  • Perfect for the public and academic reference desk
  • Fast fact checking
  • Personal development

Drawbacks and Limitations

You have to make an account

Conclusion and Recommendations

Must try

Discover Academic Ideas with


A bit like an academic Reddit.

People post paper summaries and make comments.

Features and Functionality

  • The site has an excellent search feel
  • People post the most interesting stories 
  • Many comments are thought-provoking and insightful

Benefits and Potential Use Cases

An excellent site for people who make deep dives and are interested in sharing theoretical concepts and their real-world applications.

Drawbacks and Limitations

Since papers aren't being posted, you have to check on the validity of the claims.

However, the site is highly skeptical, and debates tend toward the intellectual.

Conclusion and Recommendations

It is worth visiting and seeing if you find it useful.


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