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Friday, April 21, 2023

AI Implementation with Natural Language Prompts - ChatBot from Sttabot


I had an AI implementation to offer 3 Professional emails giving natural language prompts, but I needed to catch up on some success. 

Features and Functionality


Benefits and Potential Use Cases

Good backup access to AI as it works with all types of ChatGPT prompts, including code and tables.

Drawbacks and Limitations

I decided to make an account.

The company Sttabot is interested in making proprietary nitch AI which you are helping to train by using.

Conclusion and Recommendations

I like ChatGPT4 by OpenAI the best, but this is good for people who want to explore things like tables, small office data sorting, and small codes and can converse.

Making the Most of ChatGPT: Librarianship and its Significance By Victor Santiago AI Chatbot and Search Engine with Forgiving Search and Interesting Results

Web Review:

Using this site, I went to its setting on the upper right and selected in-depth answers.

An exciting mix of AI Chatbot/Search Engine with a forgiving search and interesting results. 

The goodness of such a site depends on what you want to know, how to ask, and if it has been trained in a way to answer your question.

The site points to freely available resources.

Features and Functionality

I suggest looking at their About Page because the site is growing.

Benefits and Potential Use Cases

I liked each result's built-in summary and read buttons, so it might be suitable for older folks.

Drawbacks and Limitations

I liked using it the way I set it up.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Not only bookmark it but try sending it to older folks.

Discover Infinite AI Generated Answers to Relevant Questions with

Web Review: (enhanced) is very helpful at the reference desk, and if you want in-depth answers to questions and more profound questions, suggest deep answers, on and on forever.

The site is addictive. If you like Wikipedia-style rabbit-hole that warps time as you go deeper and deeper, you have found a good one.

Features and Functionality

Infinite AI generated relevant academic questions with answers, and it went on forever, or until I got tired, but it was a fantastic ride.

Benefits and Potential Use Cases

Goof for reference is surprisingly credible as the site offers links to sites that include adequately peer-reviewed journals with public-facing abstracts.

Suitable for everyone wanting to read answers to interesting questions, you likely would not have considered any topic.

When you have questions requiring some deep knowledge of a topic generated and answered, new questions and answers are offered.

Good for seeing different sides of topics.

Drawbacks and Limitations

Check out both the Privacy Page and Terms Of Service.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Bookmark it, but there may be better tools for a quick answer.


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