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Friday, April 21, 2023 AI Chatbot and Search Engine with Forgiving Search and Interesting Results

Web Review:

Using this site, I went to its setting on the upper right and selected in-depth answers.

An exciting mix of AI Chatbot/Search Engine with a forgiving search and interesting results. 

The goodness of such a site depends on what you want to know, how to ask, and if it has been trained in a way to answer your question.

The site points to freely available resources.

Features and Functionality

I suggest looking at their About Page because the site is growing.

Benefits and Potential Use Cases

I liked each result's built-in summary and read buttons, so it might be suitable for older folks.

Drawbacks and Limitations

I liked using it the way I set it up.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Not only bookmark it but try sending it to older folks.

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