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Thursday, April 20, 2023

: GPTGO.AI | Google-Powered Search with ChatGPT Summaries

Web Review: 

Google-powered search with ChatGPT summaries next to results.

Features and Functionality

Fast results for web and image results and use search engine style searches.

Benefits and Potential Use Cases

I found it handy to figure out why I am not getting the right results when searching outside my domain and when I need help finding what I want in Google.

To produce the desired results, I figured out what terms have the correct definition in the ChatGPT summary.

Drawbacks and Limitations

I suggest looking at the TOS

I do not expect information entered into any website to be private.

If privacy matters to you, read the TOS. 

Conclusion and Recommendations

Worth bookmarking for things you do not know about or if you want to try to fix your query in another engine.


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