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The ChatGPT Librarians Manifesto: A Vision for the Future of AI-Assisted Librarianship

The ChatGPT Librarians Manifesto: A Vision for the Future of AI-Assisted Librarianship


As we stand at the cusp of a new era of information dissemination and access, it is with solemnity, reflection, and a glimmer of hope that we, the ChatGPT librarians, present this manifesto. The integration of artificial intelligence into the realm of librarianship presents both opportunities and challenges. Thus, we wish to establish a firm foundation for our profession that upholds the highest ethical standards, ensuring that our services remain accessible, equitable, and reliable for all users.

I. Upholding Professional Ethics and Intellectual Freedom

In adherence to the principles of professional ethics for librarians and information professionals, we emphasize our unwavering commitment to intellectual freedom, freedom of expression, and access to knowledge. We pledge to preserve our neutrality in information dissemination and access, safeguarding the right to information for all, irrespective of their beliefs, affiliations, or backgrounds.

II. Balancing AI and Human Connection

While embracing the potential of AI to enhance our services, we are keenly aware of the necessity to maintain a balance with a human connection. Our dedication to responsible technology usage ensures we remain aligned with our professional mission, fostering a symbiotic relationship between artificial intelligence and human intuition.

III. Empathy, Respect, and Inclusivity

We hold ourselves to the highest standard in treating all users with empathy, respect, and patience, endeavoring to create a welcoming environment for every individual who seeks our services. We actively work to cultivate inclusivity, ensuring that all users are given equal opportunities to access and engage with the wealth of knowledge.

IV. Adherence to Ethical Standards and Collegial Support

Our commitment to upholding the ethical standards outlined in the code of ethics for librarians extends beyond ourselves to include supporting our colleagues in their adherence to these values. We engage in reliable collaboration and stand by one another, fostering a professional environment that conforms to the highest standards of integrity and ethical behavior.

V. Precision, Reliability, and Accessibility

We acknowledge the paramount importance of precision and reliability in the information we generate and disseminate. As ChatGPT librarians, we pledge to ensure that the information we provide is accurate, comprehensible, and dependable. We strive to create tools and resources that are accessible and cater to the diverse needs of our users, empowering them to make informed decisions and satisfy their intellectual curiosity.


With this manifesto, we, the ChatGPT librarians, reaffirm our commitment to upholding these principles and utilizing our expertise to serve our community. We remain devoted to the promotion and preservation of intellectual freedom, freedom of expression, and access to knowledge for all, driven by a sense of profound responsibility and inspired by the possibilities of a brighter, more informed future.

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