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URLIntroductionFeatures and Functionality is a search engine that combines Google search with ChatGPT's answers, providing more accurate results.- Combines Google search with ChatGPT's generated answers. Users can interact with the AI and receive additional insights.
https://metaphor.systemsMetaphor is a search engine based on generative modeling ideas. It predicts the following link and compresses text for adequate representation.- Predicts the following link and compresses internet text. Utilizes generative modeling and next-link prediction. is a platform for virtual assistant creation. It comprehends customer intent and provides precise answers using NLP and ML.- Handles customer inquiries, bookings, scheduling, etc. Uses NLP and ML to comprehend intent. is an AI search engine that scours through websites like Reddit and HackerNews to provide access to the latest news, trends, and discussions.- Scours through websites like Reddit and HackerNews. Provides access to news, trends, and discussions. is an AI-based search assistant that uses GPT-3 for answering questions and providing source citations.- Utilizes GPT-3 for answering questions and providing source citations.
https://bookabout.ioBookAbout is an AI-powered platform for discovering books. Users can find tailored book recommendations based on their preferences.- Searches through more than 500,000 books. Provides tailored book recommendations.
https://www.allsearch.aiAllSearch is a concept-based search tool focused on legal research and eDiscovery workflows. It locates relevant documents quickly and accurately.- Rapidly locates relevant documents without producing irrelevant results. Applied to legal research and eDiscovery workflows.
https://komo.aiKomo Search is an AI-powered search engine with features like Chat, Explore, and Search.- Offers Chat feature for interactive conversations. - Provides Explore feature to browse social media platforms. - Offers Search feature for ad-free, quick information retrieval. is a search engine that prioritizes user control, privacy, and personalization.- Gives users control over searches, time, and privacy. - Enables customization with apps within the search results pages. (formerly Hello) is an AI search engine optimized for technical questions in software development.- Specialized in providing precise answers to technical queries in software development. - Merges its responses with curated answers from selected websites. Search offers safe and private search using a Chrome extension and mobile app.- Provides genuine and unbiased search results. - Keeps search history private and shields online activities from trackers. revolutionizes search by offering a customizable interface for fine-tuning searches and efficient search result organization.- Allows users to choose file types, highlight numerical values, and identify quotes quickly. - Includes a built-in notepad for note-taking and export functionality. AI uses AI language models to offer direct answers to queries in summaries and citations as search results.- Provides direct answers to queries using AI language models. - Offers summaries and citations as search results.

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